About Us


Our History

We started noticing the need for a new educational space for the Crosslake Community School and we saw a way that some energetic community members could help. In 2016 with a huge vision and a crazy work ethic we started working to get our foundation set-up and in the fall of 2018 we welcomed the students into a new state of art  facility.


One of a kind...

Charter schools are unique in many ways, one of those is the fact that they can not own their own space. They have to rent space, that is where the Lake Foundation comes in. The plan was for a non-profit to own the building and then the profits from the lease aid would be put back into the community to enrich the lives of the children of the lakes area. As far as we know The Lake Foundation is a one of a kind there are not any other non-profits that operate the same way that we do.